In the Chinese Book of Changes called the iChing, there are few hexagrams that refer to an image of something made by man, The Well is one.   

            The Well is the center of the village. Without water there is no life. Ab, Ba, the first two letters of the three sacred alphabets placed together in combination mean 'with water'.                                 

  The Well brings water, the sustainer of life, to the Cup.


            If two specific lines change in the hexagram of The Well, the resulting hexagram is called Holding Together. The village gathers around The Well.  The image of Holding Together is 'seeking union'.       



             The goal of The Well TV is to nourish. The way is  to establish a circle of Holding Together.


              In presenting the The Well TV, we've used these archtypal images as a guide for the construction of the show.

              By making the foundation of the series nourishment and gathering, we shall focus on 'what is of value and what remains' that influence the paths taken on our spiritual journey.  



Introduction to The Well TV Series (2.16)